Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Journey's Mini Journals with coordinating Keepsake box!

Mini Journey Journals with coordinating Keepsake box. I was watching Kathryn (desdichaedo on youtube) THANKS FOR SHARING Kathryn!!!

Throw one in your purse or pocket, and you will always be prepared to log/record crafting & scrapbooking ideas, contact information, make supply list or a wish list....the ideas are endless!!

Keepsake Box with 9 mini journals

You will need: chip board cuts (1- 2 1/2"x5"; 4- 4"x5"; 4- 1"x4"; and 2- 4"x4")
Main panels: 4 to 6 6x6 or 2 12x12 sheets of printed cardstock & 4 to 6 6x6 or 2 12x12 sheets of solid cardstock ( I used 4 -2 different prints and coordinating card stock for the rest of my panels and box sides)
A paper cutter; scissors; adhesive; a crop-a-dile or hole puncher; eyelets(if you want)
bone folder; hemp or ribbon and embelishments.

 I used 4 sheets of Basic Grey's "Hopscotch" the 6x6 paper pad; the measurements were perfect, so I didn't have much waste! (You will also need 4 sheets for the inside liner of the box.) coordinating cardstock works nicely for that!

I over-lapped each of my 4 sheet slightly...about a 1/4 inch overlap.

First, I positioned my 4-4"x5" pieces & the 2 1/2" x5" piece (which is my front flap); so I could make sure I was pleased with the lay out before I glued them in place.
I used my Tombow Mono Multi liquid glue to adhere each piece, but leaving a 1/4 inch gap in between, so it is easy to fold the box into place later. 

Trim your corners to insure that the paper will lay down smooth without too much overlapping.

Press and mold the paper over the edges of the chipboard, to created the form, so when you glue it down, the paper will lay easily.

Take you time and glue your pieces into place. you can also use a permanent tape runner as well.

Once everything is glued into place, fold your box in the shape it will eventually end up, so your edges can get use to the form.
 Open the form up and now repeat the paper prep process for your liner and your two box sides; liner should measure 4 3/4"x18".
At this point you will decide on your closure...velcro, latch, or do what Kathryn & I did....use hemp or ribbon, after punching holes. (if you may have a hard time lining up your holes, etc...I had to finagal a bit, but I worked it out.

The remaining chipboard pieces are for you sides; each side requires 2-1"x4" & 1- 4"x4" piece. your outside sheet should measure 4 3/4"x 7" allowing 1/2" for all the edges to overlap and 1/4" allowance between each piece of chipboard. Liner for the sides should be 3 1/2" x 6."

Creating the mini journals, you will need:
Printed or Solid cardstock; 18 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 printer paper; crop-a-dile or a hole puncher; eyelets and hemp or ribbon.
Each of my Journals measure 3 1/4"x 4 3/4" & I used 2 sheets of printer paper per journal...that gave me 10 sheets in each journal.

First, cut printer paper 4 3/4 x 11;

Then, cut the 4 3/4" x 11" into 3parts (3 1/2"each)

Then take the remainder of your first cut; cut that into 2 parts (3 1/2"x4 3/4" each)
Cut you covers...3 3/4x4 3/4; insert your inside paper and bind the side of your mini journal, by hole punching the left side of your journal; attach you eyelets; and tie on your hemp or ribbon....YOUR DONE!

I hope the instructions and pictures were clear...and I hope you enjoyed this demo, as much as I enjoyed doing it!

I will have a few full kits available at my Etsy Store if anyone is interested, and you don't want to do all the leg work before construction...sometimes that can be a deterance!

As always...thanks for stopping by and Happy Creating!

Do U...Creativ You!
Stacie J.

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