Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting inspired.....can come from anywhere!

I wonder what writers do when they get "Blocked?" I guess they search for inspiration...right? Well, what if you've been inspired by something, but don't have what you need to complete the project?

Been there...done a t-shirt and a magnet from that trip!
Being uninspired can be a drag when your really in the mood to create, but have no focus or intended direction!

A friend came over to my design studio the other day....she said she hadn't been able to scrap at home and she really wanted to do a project. I figured....well, that would be great to have some company while I work on class projects for upcoming October workshops. I, myself hadn't really been inspired to make a personal project; always busy doing something for another purpose other than for me!

Well, she started pulling out all the supplies she might need for her day of play; and I noticed a mini tabbed grunge board book, by Tim Holtz (which we both have had since last winter!) and I'll be...that is all it took! I thought to myself...."Self? Your going to play today, right along with Leslie!"

I went into my album stash and found the grunge book; then I look through my "paper collection" (I'm using that word lightly!), and came across that beautiful Gabrielle Collection from Bo Bunny! "hummm"....I thought, twisting my lips to the side...."should I?" You know we" collectors can be; never want to commit...just save for the perfect moment!

Well, this was my project for the day! I was going to commit to cutting into the once collected precious paper and stick it to my guarded grunge album! You would have been proud of me!

twelve hours later (maybe add a day or 2)...this is what I came up with:
"Spread Your Wings" Using the Gabrielle Collection from Bo Bunny

The small Prima flower is used as a closure on this page.

Toilet Paper roll pocket on this page!

This is the back of the freestanding stand attached to the mini album!

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