Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just know your place!

Hey everyone out there in blog land...I have a question. Have you ever been somewhere and you knew right away, that it wasn't the environment for you? Or just maybe your frame of mind and expectations didn't match those of the people participating in the event, along with you?

Let me just get down to why I ask...yesterday, I participated in what I thought would be a crafters/vendors fair for the upcoming holiday season. Now, I understand that this is an annual fundraiser for a private school (which is where it was held) but! Yeeesssss, but! I had no idea it wasn't a crafters venue at all!

On the night before the event, shortly after my husband and I arrived to setup at the location, I felt it wasn't necessarily the audience for me, but I had hoped I was just paranoid.

The things I displaced were retail items from my store like: Tim Holtz's new District Market totes, the journals, his new matchbook note pads and his gift card sets. Complete scrapbook kits full of beautiful paper, and embellies that were only 10 bucks! Individual and greeting card sets. 'Make and Take' projects; as well as many other things.

Well...I think "Grandma's Attic" (used items donated annually by parents & family members, sold by the school) set the theme for what was expected at this event.

Don't get me wrong...I love a great deal! Now besides the rummage sale...there was an Avon & a Tupperware person selling cash & carry items. And the school had their retail items as well as hot food for sell! I met some awesome people and contacts! I am truly humbled by the comments and compliments I received regarding all my pre-made items!!! Thank you, thank you!!! I just thank God for the gifts!

Needless to's really hard to compete with the extremely discounted, previously loved items these patrons are expecting to purchase every year! I may support the school by participating in the event again, but one things for sure, I will definitely reconsider what I will offer!


  1. I think your booth was located in a bad spot--in between the rummage sale and the spice sale! I've been to this fundraiser for many years and you are one of the only new vendors I've seen! I wish I took the time to look at your kits--sounds like a great deal. If I realized you had make and takes I would've done one! I thought your work was really beautiful! Gorgeous, even.

  2. Thank You for your kind words and encouraging confirmation! I think the school has an awesome idea...I will probably go back there next year, but only as a patron ;)
    And thank you for checking out my blog!!! Check back this weekend and Blog Hop with should be a good time and some great idea sharing!


  3. Aloha Stacie - sorry to hear about this event. Next year will be better I'm sure! So do you have a store? I'd like to see some of the items you had for sale. Please let me know. Thanks! xoxo, Linda