Friday, November 13, 2015

Creativ You 411!

Creativ You Housekeeping!

I am grateful, and excited to announce that the Chemotherapy I have been going through has not been in vane! the two tumors have shrunk!!! Though, I am no where near being done with my Chemo treatments, I am hopeful and feeling better during my recovery time!

With changes, there are always challenges...with that understood, I want to thank everyone for the EXTRA EFFORT AND SUPPORT!! Special thanks again to these following Busy Queen Beez for the time they have devoted, once, twice and ongoing: Anne C., Carla, Jackie, Karyn P., Patty, Linda D., Melissa H., Rosalie B & Sue Prusinnowski. I love you and truly appreciate you all!


This Month, we are open on Sunday, November 22nd to the shopping public from 12-4pm

Three classes are also available, Sunday, November 22nd:(photos and details available in Classes & Events Tab)

 G45 2pg. Layout 11-1pm

Simply Scrapping 2pg. Layout 2-4pm
Vintage Christmas 2pg. Layout 5-7pm

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